Sunday, January 30, 2011

…Justin got the weekend off!

So it’s a little off the “week” mark but for good reason… I wanted to have something to write about… Justin had the whole weekend off!


We went down to Charleston and walked around the market and shops downtown all day Saturday…


Be proud… all we bought was lunch and earrings (2 for 10!!!!!!!!!! How can you pass that up?!)

Pictures from our day…

Really cool Church somewhere downtown:



There’s this park with a running trail and super cute houses and pond… RIGHT ON THE WATERFRONT!!! (we wanna move ;) )


We found where Rhett lives ;)


Check out the horse and buggy!


Our view from the rooftop restaurant at lunch.



We finally got to go over the Cooper River Bridge… It’s kinda a big deal here



Very cool huh?!


Sunday we spent the day re-doing all the picture frames in the house… (Walgreens had a coupon for 30 pictures for $3!!!) Now all our frames are up to date pictures of our friends and family!

…See you all next week!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

…Everyone got something New!

Ok so who has heard of this…… It’s a website that allows us iPhone users to download and even MAKE ringtones of our very own! for FREE!!! and that’s the best price I could ask for!

So that’s right… everyone in my list of usual suspects got their own personalized ringtone! Something that either reminded me of them or is a song that has meaning between the two of us, and I can change it whenever I want.

Go ahead… try it! you know you want to ;)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

…The House is a Home!

Just a taste…







…If you want to see the rest of the house… look here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

…We’ve almost finished!

  The last touches are going on the house this weekend… the porch has to be decorated and all the things that are going in the shed have to be organized… then the cords have to be wrangled with zip ties behind all the electronic zones, and lastly, we have to hang up my beloved antique window (that I never really know how it stays on the wall so I am of no help to Justin on this one).
  Some long term projects are going to be:
  • Covering the hangover chair in a coordinating fabric, and re stuffing the cushions.
  • Getting curtains. (Pretty much decided against it they gather too much dust)
  • Getting artwork for our bedroom.
  • Getting a half table for the foyer (it must have a drawer to house all the crap that inevitably comes out of Justin's pockets on a daily basis…I already told him I would give him full custody of the drawer space if he’d relinquish the kitchen counter ;) ).
  • Finding a large laundry basket. (pretty one for blankets to live in next to the couch)
  • Get a few new candles
  • Pick out our wedding pictures for the album and the enlargement.
  • Pretty pillows for the couches
…Pictures next post ;)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


  I have yet to say anything about anything…. so I thought I would just leave you with these, because I think that it’s true… Pictures do say 1,000 words!


I’m gonna want one of these…(I already asked ;) not to worry.)



Entering Toomer’s


Toomer’s Corner

That’s all… Oh and WAR EAGLE!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

…They have Arrived

Really that’s all I wanted to say… The movers FINALLY came today!

movers arrive

Yes that’s right a FULL WEEK LATER than they told us they would arrive, but on the bright side it is one full week PRIOR to when they said they would actually make it!


We had all we needed, and really more than that, so no harm no foul… just an inconvenience.

But now… our house looks like this (the porch is worse)… and is a total wreck… and its time to DO WORK SON!

Monday, January 3, 2011

…It’s a New Year!

After a week and lots TONS of cleaning! We had our first house guests… granted we only had plastic-ware for them to eat off of, nothing for them to sleep on, and oh yeah… only 2 bar stools for them to sit on. But the Jamies did not mind!
We had a fantastic weekend sans-furniture!
(so what if it was belated… shhh don’t tell!)
We went out to eat at an AMAZING seafood restaurant in downtown Charleston called Hyman. It has been featured in Southern Living, The New York Times, and Life, just to name a few. It has also been visited by countless celebrities… we (well I say we, but Jamie Michelle probably knew, having eaten there before) had NO idea!

Anyway on every Table, they have name plates (sometimes 2 or 3 deep) saying who (and sometimes it’s more than one person—whole teams!!) has eaten there in the past…100_3594

After dinner we rang in the new year at a place called Club Light… only a block over, in the downtown area.
Then home for the remainder of the evening :)
Self explanatory!
               BLING!!!                               She loves me!… Ok, FINE-we love each other!
Cooking Breakfast Casserole for the next morning… at 4:00 am

Jamie and I went to run errands after we ate and lounged for a while… we let the boys watch football, and we went out to be MEN! We went to LOWE’S!!!!
We bought a new fan for the living room, a new piston (the black thing that allows the glass door not to slam shut), light bulbs, AND had new keys made for the house. Then we went to Jamie’s aunt Phyllis’ house and borrowed her ladder so that the boys could do work son!
We went out to a movie (How Do You Know) then came home for a home cooked meal… Most of the world calls it Kings Ranch Casserole… but I more lovingly call it Beth Moore (because I discovered it on her blog)
Then we played Rummikub (you should make sure you know the rules before you start!)
Justin had to go to work :( so Jamie and Jamie D. and I (and all the dogs) decided to move the camp-in to the living room and be lazy…
  It was a great distraction from the fact that we have no furniture in our house yet! I am super glad that they came!!!!! Shortly after they left, the movers called to confirm that they are indeed coming on the 6th!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! Just till Thursday ;)
…Stay tuned for more pictures of the house!