Thursday, January 13, 2011

…We’ve almost finished!

  The last touches are going on the house this weekend… the porch has to be decorated and all the things that are going in the shed have to be organized… then the cords have to be wrangled with zip ties behind all the electronic zones, and lastly, we have to hang up my beloved antique window (that I never really know how it stays on the wall so I am of no help to Justin on this one).
  Some long term projects are going to be:
  • Covering the hangover chair in a coordinating fabric, and re stuffing the cushions.
  • Getting curtains. (Pretty much decided against it they gather too much dust)
  • Getting artwork for our bedroom.
  • Getting a half table for the foyer (it must have a drawer to house all the crap that inevitably comes out of Justin's pockets on a daily basis…I already told him I would give him full custody of the drawer space if he’d relinquish the kitchen counter ;) ).
  • Finding a large laundry basket. (pretty one for blankets to live in next to the couch)
  • Get a few new candles
  • Pick out our wedding pictures for the album and the enlargement.
  • Pretty pillows for the couches
…Pictures next post ;)

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