Friday, October 15, 2010

...I'm a blogin' MACHINE

Well It has come down to the 10 day countdown. That's right folks... Justin is leaving for the Coast Guard in a mere 10 days. We have been married for a little over a month, and we have had a great time, and really enjoyed ourselves. There is still a LOT of nit-picky bill arranging to be done before he leaves (October 26th) but we can do it! We are in the process of making the rounds to see everyone before he is gone for EIGHT WEEKS with no outside communication-- don't you love how we think that letter writing as our only for of communication is a death sentence?!-- It will really be fine! I think it is actually going to be a nice way to hear from him (granted his circumstances are going to suck...) But just think... wouldn't you love to get a few more handwritten letters from time to time???
I'm SAYIN'!!!!

A few pictures to tide you over... Justin got his first Coast Gaurd-ian Gear yesterday when he met with the recruiter Barry (lovingly only called SK1) to sign his life away.

Matching shirts for me and Justin....

But they left out sweet Maggle, so we just wrapped her up in the blanket!


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