Monday, November 8, 2010

…I basically LOVE this magazine!

If you don’t read Real Simple you totally should! I LOVE it! There are TONS of simple solutions to organize and “pretty up” your whole life. This post will lay out some of my favorites from the recent issues…
1. Do you save all your ticket stubs from dates and girls night out etc.? Do you know what to do with them??? I sure don’t… Until now.
This Ticket Stub Diary will keep all your mementos in order… for only $10!

2.  How many surge protectors do you have lying about because you can only use half of the plugs on it… you know with the iHome and camera charger etc. etc.
Well you should pick up one of these… Socket Sense only $19.99
B003KRQUG8.main._large3. Love personalized cards, stationary, and calendars?
Shop at and use a discount on your order (Real) special for Real Simple readers.
4. Have a ton of t-shirts you only keep for the memory?
Make them into a quilt so you can really appreciate them! Can’t sew/don’t want to?? Send your collection into Campus Quilt…
5. For the women… Hate rumaging through your makeup bag for the 1000s of different eye shadows you use?
Organize them in this… for less than $30! You can pick your color too!!!
These are just a few of my favorite items… these along with the millions of organization solutions… you can’t go wrong! My OCD type A LOVES this!!!

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