Wednesday, December 29, 2010

…It’s time to Work/Nothing is working right!

Today was Justin’s first day of work. (Doesn’t he look good!)
I got up like the good wife, and made him lunch (just cause we are sweet rookies and we don’t know if he is able to eat on the ship or how that works)
We didn’t just have the paper bags on hand they were doggie bags from dinner the night before… I’m not THAT good (yet)
So Justin only spent one hour at work, and doesn't have to go back till Monday, (which is great since the Jamies are coming this weekend!), then came home changed and we played a bit of military base roulette, in search of the proper Tricare-ing
  To make a VERY long story shorter… make sure you bring your WHOLE life with you to get Tricare… AND I couldn’t be more serious! You’ll need ALL forms of ID, blood type, and possibly a lock of your dead grandfather’s hair… Then you will have to go back to the house for your dog’s permission and urine sample and then you can get your Military ID and get your Tricare signed up for MAYBE-- IF you are lucky… because it doesn’t go in the system (DEERS) in the same day, SOOOO you really are supposed to wait at least 24 hours (they are more comfortable with 42) THEN you can go to Tricare and set up… “your cards will be in the mail thank you”. Oh and “no ma’am we don’t handle dental, you’ll have to handle that online.” But don’t worry… being that today is the 29th of DECEMBER! and there’s only one more work day this YEAR, people were a bit more accommodating, and we are set.
  Also in the not so fun news... the movers have not made it yet (they should have been here today), and will most likely not be here till the 6th AT BEST and probably the 13th with our things! Apparently that was their plan all along (we had no idea!) and so here we sit... in an empty house... but oh well nothing we can do but wait.

  The cable guy is coming to fix his screw up tomorrow--there’s a satellite right outside the master bedroom… 2 options- flat cable, or drill a hole in the wall, (I figured the landlord would NEVER say yes to the hole so we opted for the flat cable) FLAT CABLE WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! It caused the window to not be able to close (for 3 days) and a HUGE COLD draft to come in! So we called the Landlord and asked if the drilling would be an option and amazingly enough she said yes! So he will fix it and it will be all better tomorrow! That and the internet he messed up in the process…

Everything is fine-really!!... just inconvenient, but we are living much better than a lot of people, so we are blessed! Thanks for letting me vent… stay tuned we have tons of adventures coming soon!

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