Wednesday, December 15, 2010

…I’ve been a Busy Bee

I mean I don’t even Know where to begin! OK who are we kidding… it’s LIST time!!! YAY!

…when last you read, I had just begun the packing process… since then… I HAVE…

  • Packed upwards of 90 boxes! (Literally EVERYTHING but a weeks worth of clothes and toiletries for each of us)


  • Managed our financial situation from 4 separate checking accounts to 2 joint checking and one savings account! AND paid all the bills ON TIME… as well as consolidated our debt so that we can have it paid off by the end of the year! (thank the LORD!)
  • Refinished 3 pieces of furniture that will be taken on the move.


photo (2)

photo (3)


After: (forgot a before of the hutch… sorry) Maggle looks like a little Queen on her throne hahaha!

photo (4)

  • Done all the Christmas shopping (and wrapping) on a budget ;) mind you… for both side of the family (20 people!)… We made our list in October! (No pictures cause Santa hasn’t come yet)
  • This past Friday was my last day at Evans Law Firm… My time there was such a blessing! They were fantastic!!!!
  • This week I have done some final touches, and gotten the ducks in a row, readied Rusty for the long haul ahead and said a few good byes… Starting tomorrow its HIGH GEAR time!


15th: Driving to Eufaula (just me)

16th: Driving to NJ (Justin’s Parents too)…we are leaving between 12 and 2 AM!

17th: Watching GRADUATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Driving to Charleston (With Justin now :)!!!!!!!)

18th: House hunt (already set up appointments, we’re renting) Driving to Eufaula.

19th: Christmas in Eufaula. Driving back to Helena.

20th: Emptying Justin’s storage unit back to Helena (already reserved U-Haul) Christmas in Helena.

21st: Christmas in Homewood.

22nd: Military Movers coming to pick up things (delivering on the 29th)

23rd: Moving! (pretty sure we’re leaving early… still figuring that out, probably have to get there during business hours for lease etc.)


WHEW… I’m tired just looking at it! But it’s going to be FUN and such a thrill to have Justin back! So I don’t even care how tired and busy we are! We will be in our own home for our very first Christmas…with nothing but an air mattress!… (and our dog hahaha) And we couldn’t be happier about it! That’s all we want and more than we need, we are so blessed!!!!

Merry Christmas!

Just in case I’m not back before then ;)

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