Wednesday, March 9, 2011

...Ash Wednesday

It’s here… Lent has begun… last year I gave up Coke for the season. It was pretty tough! I had previously been drinking upwards of 2 liters a day! Now while some of you out there who know me well say… YOU STILL DRINK A LOT OF COKE… in my defense, it is no where near that much any more!
Anyway that is a topic for another time!
This year Justin and I are tackling the Lenten season together… and have decided to not go out to eat!
This means, no meals out. No Cokes from McDonalds while we shop. No Snacks on the way to this place or that, to “tide us over to dinner.” No Getting dinner out cause it’ll be quicker than making something. NO EXCUSES—more eating at home!
Test/Temptation 1: Jamies in town the 18th!

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