Monday, March 28, 2011

…Did you know Pyrex could Shatter like that?!

Justin’s parents got to come to town this weekend!!!!
Justin and I were sooooo excited and we planned an ACTION PACKED weekend for them, complete with home cooked meals (keeping in line with what we gave up for Lent this year)
It seems a shame that they had to drive so far (Eufaula, AL to Summerville, SC is about 6.5 hours) to only spend the weekend but we had fun none the less!
As soon as they got here and settled in on Friday afternoon, The three of us went on a little ride around Summerville, just so they could see our digs.
Justin was still at work, pulling the late shift, so it was up to us to get ready for dinner. You know me, I already had the full menu for the weekend planned out… first up, Beth Moore and croissants. It was DELICIOUS (if I do say so myself) as usual!
I got up early Saturday morning to make one of my favorites Breakfast Casserole! It was a hit and I already want more! We quickly cleaned up and packed a cooler and headed downtown…
Sweet Jo-mama and Justin before we walked through the market
Tommy and Joann outside the market.
Last weekend while Jamie and Jamie were here they suggested that we take a carriage ride and it was SUCH a great idea! It was about an hour long and we learned so much about Charleston’s history.
Our tour guide Gibbs
His “Lovely assistant” Ryan
After the tour we left and went to a the Charleston Waterfront Park and Pier and had a picnic (the into picture with the fountain was taken there as well), it was quite relaxing…
We were planning on cooking out but the weather killed that idea, so we made a quick side trip to the ship yard so Joann and Tommy could see the Dallas (Justin’s ship/office ;) )
Joann wanted to make her famous banana pudding for dessert so we decided to swing by Wal-Mart to pick up the ingredients as well as the gas tank for the grill, and boy am I glad we did!!! THEY HAD RANUNCULUS (one of my top two favorite flowers) ! For a mere $3.50 a pop! Jo-mama was super sweet and got us some (instead of the Gerber Daisies she had planned) as a house warming gift to go on our porch….
We potted them while Justin prepared some yummy lasagna… and then a tragedy occurred… If you recall I’ve already made TWO dishes (that happens to be how many 9x13’s we have) requiring a large casserole dish. Well being that we are not heifers, we only ate half of each so I was pulling them out of the fridge to consolidate (I know you see where this is going)
One of our dishes is from our set we got as a wedding gift
The other WAS a beautiful blue color that we had to cover in foil and stack on top but equally useful!
In the transport from the fridge to the counter the blue one slid off the top of the stack and onto the floor. Resulting in the following:
Imagine it MUCH worse and all over the floor… with the remains of the WONDERFUL breakfast casserole meeting its demise in the shards of the Pyrex! TRAGEDY! OH THE HORROR! It all happened in slow motion… Joann tried to reach for it across the counter, Justin didn't register and turn around in time and I just couldn’t make it to the counter… All I could hear ringing in my ears were the famous words of Fred Holmes (My Daddy if you didn’t know) “Two hands for beginners” as he shakes his head.
Oh well life goes on… we own a broom!
Sunday we did some easy omelets made to order for breakfast and had a great day just getting everything ready for them to go home. We did a little R and R. While Joann and I traded recipes the men did some around the house honey-dos.
For lunch Justin made a marinade for the steaks (we were gifted for Christmas from Omaha Steaks…GREAT GIFT!) that we were grilling for lunch and we put those together with a fantastic homemade mac and cheese and some grilled corn on the cob.
We had a great weekend catching up and showing the ‘rents around our new town… Can’t wait for our next round of company!
PS: Feel free to email me if you want any of the recipes mentioned in this post. I’d LOVE to help you bring out your internal Betty Crocker ;)


  1. Feel free to pass along any recipes this way! I always want something new to make! And your posts from people visit make me want to visit you! Haha! It sounds like way too much fun! :)

  2. Mandy Get excited... I have been nudged by a few people to post the recipes so I think I am going to do a "Crocker Corner" tab!!! Just get pumped!

  3. Perfect! I will be on the look out for that! Oh and those flowers....are gorgeous!