Friday, July 1, 2011

…First Day

Today was my FIRST DAY back to work in over 6 months!!! Felt great to have a reason to get up in the morning and—to quote the great Marshall Eriksen “have a reason to put on pants in the morning”—go to work!!!

Ok so I may not look this fly but… you know-a girl can dream hahahatumblr_lkuzywnzAp1qgotnuo1_500_large

I had a good day, got up and made some blue berry muffins and coffee, and my lunch to take with me ;) then got ready with the outfit I had picked out the night before!

It was good, didn't really get to do much there were problems with the computer training system, so I have to wait till Tuesday (After my THREE DAY WEEKEND WHOO WHOO!!!) to actually start the 3 day program. So instead I read a bunch of random literature on company benefits such as…maternity/paternity leave (not that this is pertinent information… don’t go getting your hopes up out there… it was just out there and an available two page read…k? K!-glad we got that straight!), sick leave, fitness discounts (which are only available in IN where the HQ is helpful hahaha!) and the employee referral program (which is how I got the job via Jamie D. he’s gonna get a hefty bonus after I am with the company for a certain amount of time… like a finders fee hahaha!), etc. etc. Tried to familiarize myself with their antiquated email system (it sure ain’t no Gmail— but once I figure it out I will be able to wiz through it in no time!). Organized the desk... you know busy work and a Type A’s dream hahaha!

Hopefully by Tuesday the IT people will have it working and I will be able to start doing actual learning instead of looking busy and twiddling my thumbs, but hey at least I am drawing a paycheck to twiddle now— that’s WAY more than I was doing sittin my hind parts on the couch!

Hope ya’ll have a good weekend!!!

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