Friday, July 15, 2011

…We are getting there

Summer is FINALLY drawing to a close… I have been a working woman again now for two full weeks and aside from the office having no a/c almost this entire month, I am really enjoying myself!

This is about what it feels like in the office everyday!7.511

I have started to get the hang of the computer system and am starting to be able to really fly through applications when someone calls in. Honestly I am thrilled to just get up with an actual purpose for my day now… No more trying to find something to do around the house (although I will always do that) now I get up early have breakfast, coffee, and a shower and hit the road before I would have even been awake last month!

This week also marked the beginning of the end… as my countdowns begin to dwindle. The first of which was Jamie coming to town to take her first medical school board. She came in on Wednesday and got up bright and early on Thursday to go take the test (almost next door to my office, convenient for directions!) and left Friday morning. I love having her here… it is fun to have some familiarity in town!


She will be back next week (in 6 days) to take her second test… and then we are hitting the road for our FIRST ANNUAL FAMILY VACATION! (a mere 8 days away!!!)

Jamie, Jamie D. and I (sadly Jess-tin can’t attend… we may have to take a picture and pretend he’s there for Jamie D’s sake hahaha)  are hitting Myrtle Beach for a full week… AND THEN the moment we have all been waiting for….

JUSTIN’S HOMECOMING! We are so close to the end of this patrol! (exactly 2 weeks from today, Justin will be at home where he belongs!)

As my countdowns end, I realize that it is a true mark of “growing up” when we countdown to the end of SUMMER… but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! Can’t wait for the beach and especially for Justin to get back… we’re almost to the finish line!

Stay tuned!

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