Wednesday, February 9, 2011

… Best of the Best (Commercials that is)

Ok well you know me… I have officially analyzed all of the super bowl commercials and brought them to you for your viewing pleasure! (But only the best of the best… I weeded out all that other crap!)

So here they are… organized by quarter (of course, cause they have to have a rhyme and reason)

1st quarter

McDonalds: The Last Fry… well done! You know you always try for that last fry!!! admit it!!!!


Doritos 1: We all know they are finger lickin’ good… This one  made me a bit uncomfortable… but it definitely called a spade a spade!


Doritos 2: This was just plain funny! Those things got MAGIC!

2nd quarter

Budwiser: Tiny Dancer… Makes me miss Twist & Shout downtown Birmingham :(

(second quarter was a bit disappointing, only one good one!)



Don’t get me wrong… I REALLY like the BEP! But let’s be honest here… this was TERRIBLE! Fergie’s mic was off… the dancers were odd, and not in an artistic way… It seemed like there might be a saving grace when Slash came out but Fergie jacked that up too! FOR REAL, the cover band that used to play in Montevallo (Fly by Radio, LOVE YA’LL) was WAY better than her on “Sweet Child”!

SAVING the whole show: USHER! The dancing was great the costumes were better… The show came together for a mere flash in time…

All there is to say…Whatever happened to the days of wardrobe malfunctions? Made things WAY more interesting! However if I have to settle… I'll ALWAYS take the Michael Jackson stand-in aka USHER!


3rd quarter

Coke: People bond over coke… even over enemy lines… that’s all there is too it! Coke= WORLD PEACE!


Best Buy: "What's a Beiber"…If only we lived in a world where someone really didn’t know what A Beiber was! BAHAHA,


Chrysler with Eminem: This gave me the chills… spooky good! Little Fally LOVE YOU!!!

4th quarter

NFL: Everybody loves a good sitcom!!! :) Talking cars… But they are real AND they have SASS!


Bud Light: with poker dogs… Man they are SMART!




Bridgestone: Beaver saves the day… get that animal a cape!


Stay Tuned for awards season!!!! YAY!

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