Monday, February 21, 2011

…It’s getting interesting!

Every weekend there is something BIG to watch on TV! The Superbowl, The Grammys, The All-Star Game, The Oscars… all in February!!!

Basketball all star game… WHO KNEW?! I mean I have never watched it before… Justin made us record the Slam Dunk contest


Sprite Slam Dunk Contest yYYqy7500aml

(which was Saturday—and apparently we missed the Celebrity game on Friday- had I known we would have watched it too!! NEXT YEAR) We watched Slam Dunk and the All Star Game on Sunday…

REALLY COOL! Surprising coming from me- Cause I hate Basketball!

There was music and celebrities and it was much better than real basketball!!!

AND the halftime show-WAS BETTER THAN THE SUPERBOWL! (Luckily Usher didn’t have to save the day again (poor Beiber and Jayden) but that’s cause it was good and he wasn’t there)

Rihanna and Kanye ROCKED OUT! –and may I say… Her hair looks GREAT long!

I will definitely be watching next year without an argument ;)

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