Monday, May 23, 2011

…I found a new time Drainer


Have you heard of Pinterest yet? Well if you haven’t you are in the dark! But Let me enlighten you cause it is GREAT!

What is it? Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin board where you can “pin” (or in computer terms bookmark) your “ideas” (in computer terms again…websites) to your bulletin board… it’s really THAT SIMPLE!

Here is a screen shot of some of my pins…

pin page

What do you use it for? So lets say you REALLY like Shoes… (cause let’s face it… I have a shoe problem!) and you are always stumbling upon a pair here and a pair there that you would love to be able to find again. You should have a board called “Shoes” and Pin each pair! What? you also just love clothes? or Interior decorating? Or you are planning a wedding or party… you can have a board for EACH thing you are interested in!!!

You don’t really browse the internet that much? Don’t worry… Other people do the work for you! You’d be SHOCKED at how many of the people that you are already following on Twitter or Facebook are members of Pinterest. You can then choose to follow their boards… either all of them or just the ones that have things that you are interested in as well! SO COOL… then their stuff will show on your home page and you can “repin” it and add it to your own boards!


So that’s seriously all there is to it… but it can consume your life! There are so many awesome DIY ideas, ways to design your home, fun new outfits, ways to wear your hair… the ideas that are up there are endless!!!

Check it out! I am in LOVE hahaha

I have already made plans to make 3 crafts I found on there AND am planning my photo wall with a tutorial that I found up there as well!


Oh and PS: if you are a pinner already and want to follow me feel free! Leslie@betterthanasitcom

Leave your Pinterest name in a comment and I will check your boards out too!!!!

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