Sunday, May 1, 2011

…Weddings Weddings Everywhere!

I know that many of you probably got caught up in the ROYAL WEDDING just as I did… I absolutely LOVED all of the fashion and the anticipation of seeing Kate’s dress! Here are some of the highlights (in my humble opinion)

Becks  and Posh

THE BEST (next to the royal couple of course!)
ARE YOU FORREAL?! check out her heels..7 inches! and she is 5 MONTHS PREGNANT! And let’s be honest… He’s just pretty!



Chelsy Davy

Granted her hair isn’t rocking, but the outfit is FANTASTIC! But I guess with Harry as a boyfriend, crazy hair is probably par for the course!!


Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie

Mock all you will, I REALLY liked Eugenie’s whole outfit and even the Hat on Beatrice… you go girls!


Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

WELL DONE! and the Shoes! I could DIE!


Wills and Kate

Not sure the whole Wills thing (apparently it’s a nickname-weird English folks!) But look how STUNNING they both look!
Don’t kid yourself-it’s not because he was a Royal it’s because she fell for a man in uniform…Don’t we all Kate?! Don’t we all!


On another Wedding note (maybe a step down the ladder in fame) I was fortunate enough to work a wedding in town today because of a sweet recommendation from my own wedding photographer. It too was BEAUTIFUL--




Thanks to April Kulhmann for the sweet recommendation, and The fabulous Kevin Elliott Wangon for the opportunity! Can’t wait to work with you again!