Monday, April 4, 2011

…I’m learning to be all thumbs


Our First Home Finished1

  A couple of weekends ago I decided that I needed some ambiance on my back porch… so Justin and I set forth to the store in search of the perfect porch company.

  Now something you may not know about me is that I am sadly a PLANT KILLER!! (dun dun dunnnnnn) So I was REALLY worried about which ones to get.

  I only wanted leafy plants (cause I figured I could handle that) but the selection on the pretty leaves was slim and I only found one that I loved so I was FORCED to buy some flowers! (of course I made sure they were not going to be pink or purple—I may have told the Wal-Mart worker that I would return them if they came up in either of the two.)

Here are my choices…


  1. Ranunculus- These are my all time FAVORITE flower (with a close second being Peonies) these were an addition when Joann and Tommy came into town. I was SO excited!
  2. Caladiums- This was my first pick… I LOVE the pretty leaves!
  3. Calla Lilies- This guy was all by himself and I thought I might get a discount on him… but no he was just misplaced!
  4. Bearded Iris- This was the most of the uncertainty…I have seen these in every color and I was buying a yellow one BY DARN MINE BETTER BLOOM YELLOW!

DISCLAIMER: These are not the pictures from my actual plants…I will update you once I have fully bloomed plants…Here’s hoping I develop a green thumb



  1. You cannot go wrong with a bulb (and they come back every year) the first year it may not bloom but by the second year you will be amazed! I will send you some pics of my tulips :) This is a great post! (picking plants is a delicate process)

  2. Well here's hoping... I'm pretty sure those caladiums are goners!