Monday, April 25, 2011

…Secrets, Secrets

You know the old adage… “Secrets, Secrets are no fun…” Well I usually finish it with ‘unless I am a part of one’ which I am pretty sure is NOT correct :) but that is ok because I only keep them in matters of life and death, and when I am trying to surprise people!

Thus we land on Justin’s Birthday (and Easter) Weekend…

Justin had duty (he’s in the Coast Guard) on Friday night, so Jamie and I decided how great would it be for them (she and Jamie D,) to come down and be here when he got home on Saturday morning. So in true form she and I planned out the ENTIRE weekend and were up cooking pancakes and already packed for the beach when he got home at 9am! He was SOOOOOOOO excited! (although he called us all punks for keeping it from him)

2011 Easter Weekend-1

For his birthday dinner Jamie made THE BEST CHEESECAKE EVER! (a secret family recipe or I would share it with you)


His birthday wasn’t until Monday, but it was still a celebration weekend… because it was ALSO EASTER!! We decided to try another church in town and really enjoyed it! Then we took classic "Easter Sunday Family Portraits” and even made our own BIG Easter lunch (aren’t we grown?!) I’ll leave you with some more of our “family” and ask…

What are your favorite Easter/Birthday traditions?


2011 Easter Weekend-2


Justin’s Birthday

2011 Easter Weekend-3


  1. I absolutely love your Easter dress! Do you mind sharing where you got it from?

  2. Thank you!!-- Bargain shopper that I am, I got it on the clearance rack at Belk in a size about 8 times to big for me and brought it home and BEGGED my mother to reconstruct it for me HAHA! She did a wonderful job- It was my Bridal Tea dress and has now served MANY purposes.

  3. Thanks, I love the ruffles. I have not been looking for something like that in a seersucker pattern. That kind of stuff is just not as prevalent here as it was in Charleston and South Carolina.