Wednesday, April 6, 2011

…More on Gardening

As promised… an update on what MY flowers and plants actually look like…


  Please observe that for some reason I got CURSED with a PURPLE bloom (the color of DOOM) in the middle of my Ranunculus! It was absolutely NOT purchased in that color… so I am not sure what happened— but I suspect foul play!

  We repotted the others this weekend and I am hoping to find a basket or pot or something cute to put those ugly yellow buckets in… but that will be for another day.

  So far I haven’t killed any of them yet, but the Iris, and the Caladiums are a bit droopy :(

  LUCKILY… Sweet Joann Sent us a care package today with a few gardening tools in it… to help bloom my garden and maybe my green thumb too!



  1. They look great! I have the problem that on my back deck I get WAY too much sun and in the front yard I get absolutely none! So I can't have anything on the back deck and the front has to have something that requires VERY little sunlight. So the only things that grow in my yard are hostas and calla lillies. The lillies I do love though. I just wish I could do more!

  2. My Lilies were a MESS for a minute... they wouldn't stand up after I re-potted them but I propped them against the shutter in the back of the porch and they finally decided to play along... there is not really enough sun on the porch all the time but I put them out in the yard to bask in the sunshine some :)